Les délices d’Annelise confectioneries

One year ago, I started the fabulous adventure of Les Delices d’Annelise. I decided to share my passion with others and to introduce classic French confectioneries to the Princeton community.
Each product is made by hand, with a high level of quality local ingredients like honey from Tassot Apiaries and dairy products from Halo Farm.

The quality, flavor and taste are in the heart of the realization of each products and are like a perfume of France.

Le Calisson:This sweetness comes from the South of France and goes well with coffee or ice cream. It is made with powdered sugar, almond flour and candied cantaloupe, this dough is set down on wafer paper and is covered with a royal icing.

Le Nougat:This candy, that comes from South of France, contains local honey, sugar, almonds and egg whites from Halo Farm and glucose. The dough is set down between two wafer paper. Serve it whenever you want, itʼs amazing!

La Guimauve:This candy is egg white-based and contains gelatin, and sugar syrup. It is flavored with orange blossom, lavender, rose or violet. Put it in your hot chocolate or bite it, itʼs just delicious!

Sea-salt caramels:It comes from Brittany, itʼs a delicate combination of caramel and sea-salt butter. It matches with chocolate fondant or just let it melt in the mouth. It contains milk and butter from Halo Farm, sugar and glucose.