Oh-la-la! CONCEPT

logo2016-2A French pop-up boutique promoting the Art de Vivre!

The Oh-la-la! French sales were launched in 2013 by a group of French Designers and Artisans located in Princeton area (New-Jersey).
Event after event, Oh-la-la! has built a unique and immersive shopping experience, based on a convivial and creative atmosphere (French Bistro, Bord de Mer, Rendez-vous, French Gifts), offering a selection of refined products, mostly handmade or imported from France.
All our vendors participating to the event have a strong connection with France, being French citizens or having been raised in a French environment, or highly attached to the “Art de Vivre à la Française”.

Originally home based, Oh-la-la! was initially limited to invited guests. Since Fall 2015, Oh-la-la! opens its door to the general public to generate an even more welcoming and multicultural encounter.