Painting by Carole Jury



Born in Lyon, France, Carole has lived in Princeton for two years with her husband and three children.

Carole has Masters degrees in Sociology and Human Ressources. She has worked for many years as a Communications Manager.


Carole has always been passioned about art, particulary in painting and photography. The abstract expressions of Pierre Soulages has inspired her artistic work.

“A painting needs to be made one’s own. It’s a kind of secret space where everyone can find one’s own personal refuge. Through painting, I feel anything is possible…The spectator can imagine anything and everything he wants. My reliefs and colors allow for count less interpretations.Then, the spectator will have made my painting his own.”



Oil painting allows playing of differents nuances through reliefs and superpositions. Furthermore, elements of nature, water, sky, wood, and the materials , metal, plastic, are the others source of my inspiration. This canvas, particulary, is the fruit of observation of the leaves in fall whose reflect in the river.


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