Sculpture, by Marie-Mathilde Laplanche



“I find my inspiration in nature’s beauties as if I am rooted in the wonders of the deep woods. Influenced by the treasures found along the South Brittany shore of my childhood, I use a selection of media including wood, clay, stone, shells, iron, copper, flowers and moss. As an artist, my intention is to bring back to life natural objects that I first contemplated in their natural setting. The delicacy of a nigella, the vibrancy of lacy ferns or fresh moss inspire my creativity. Being among children daily as a teacher, their rhythmic playfulness and simple elegance influence part of my work. My creations are often suspended and vary in size from small “jellyfishes” to three meters long wood sculptures. I am trained in a variety of subjects such as Earthenware and Stoneware Ceramics, Wood, Stone and Pretex Sculpture, Classics and French Literature, Musicology and Education. I believe that creativity is endless and that art is actively switching our brain to living a better way.”

Marie-Mathilde Laplanche